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The Gen II truck


  The truck has been taken apart and most of is being used to build a 1941 Dodge 1/2 ton truck. pictured is the 1994 Dodge Dakota that this project was started with. It had a 3.9l V-6 and a 5 speed transmission. The truck was converted to big block power, with a 440 and a 727 transmission. The 440 was installed with a conversion mount kit and custom built headers. The engine is fueled by a FAST EFI system using a custom intake manifold.

The begining

The truck was purchased at the end of April 2005. The first thing I did was check the truck over for problems that needed to be corrected before it was road worthy. I changed a few bulbs, replaced a leaking bypass hose and changed the cap and rotor. It was running on 5 cylinders when I bought it, and the quickie tune up got all six firing. It was burning quite a bit of oil, and had a slight rod knock.I didn't not let that bother me, and still shifted it at 5,000 + sometimes... If it tossed a rod, it really would not have mattered , would it?

The tires were all bad, so I found a used set to get me by for a while. I replaced the front brake pads too since there was almost no pad left.

The stock radio was not working, so I tossed in a Rockford Fosgate AM/FM/CD unit I had laying around as well a some new speakers. The first big change was to lower the truck. 3" in the rear and 2" up front. In the background, is my friend Ernie's '71 383 Charger. We upgraded the fuel system and installed a billet low mount alternator bracket with a 100 amp alternator on the Charger.

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