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NOTE: SCROLL DOWN, THE REAR DROP HAS BEEN ALTERED! I used Bell Tech 2" drop spindles in the front and a set of Allstar 3" billet lowering blocks in the rear.


Here are a few shots of the rear 3" blocks being installed . This isn't the greatest set up for handling, but for now it will do the job. At some point I will be changing this set up for something that offers increased traction and cornering.


One block in place

Back on all fours with the rear lowered 3"


another angle

I originally used a set of 3" blocks to lower the rear of the truck knowing I was going to do something different in the future. After pricing drop brackets and looking at what you get for the money, I decided that since I have the tools I didn't need to buy the brackets. Removing the blocks and moving the brackets will result in better handling and weight transfer. It wouldn't even try to hook up with all of the leverage the blocks were creating, then again it still doesn't hook up, but it handles better.

Here the front bracket rivets have been cut and the bracket moved up 3".

The front bracket welded in place

The rear bracket trimmed and welded in place. It turned out that there is more clearance above the bracket than I anticipated and about 1" of the bracket could have been left above where I cut it.

Here's how it sits now with the mounts relocated and a 1" drop block.

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