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Do you know of a big block Dakota? If so, please let us know about it !

I don't know who owns this one, but it sure is nice!

Looks kind of innocent doesn't it?

Until the hood is raised ! NICE !

This is a 400 low deck big block being installed by Mr-SXT from the www.dakota-durango.com website. He is using swap mounts from another company.

Here another shot. You can see the stock truck style oil pan hits the crossmember. There's three choices- modify the pan, modify the crossmember, or spend big bucks on a special pan. This is one of the issues I'm working on.

Almost installed, but due to the interference with the pan, it does not sit level yet.

The red Dakota with the green 400 belongs to Marcus Roling. The spec's on the engine are stock bottem end bored .030 over with ported and polished heads running a Comp Cam's XE268H cam and lifter set with the double roller chain ....stock waterpump and housing Edelbrock's Performer intake and their 750CFM carb with a set of Heddmen blockhugger Headers. It's going to fire off with the stock Distributor and an MSD Blaster Coil. He's going with a rebuilt 727TF auto trans with a hipo shift kit and using a B&M ratchet Shifter. He says "I have just about reached the end of my budget for a while and I still have to find a radiator and have the exhaust system run .... lol it's kinda scarry how fast the $$ ran out before I was done " Marcus's cardomain site is here: Marcus's Dakota 

Above you can see how Marcus heated and hammered the stock cross member to gain clearance for a stock pick up truck oil pan.






This truck belongs to Mark Middleton. He built a big block 89 short box dakota. It has a Muscle Motors 474 cid engine. The truck is tubbed and caged and is currently running 10.30's in the quarter.

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