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This is the end result of the 2" Bell Tech spindle drop and the 3" Allstar Billet lowering blocks. I bought a set of 4 used tires, 215/70/15's. They'll get me by for a while as the project progresses. No need to spend money on pretty stuff yet, it needs to be fast first ! I'm thinking 17" or 18" wheels and some wide tires to match.

Another angle.


After installing the spindles and the blocks i drove the truck around for a few days... To be blunt, it handled like crap. The shocks were shot as well as the ball joints and one of the inner tie rod ends. ...so I tore the front end back apart, replaced all of the bushings with Energy suspension urethane bushing, replaced the upper and lower ball joints, one inner tie-rod end and all four shocks. It still needs an alignment, but it drives much better now. I should have just done it when I first put the spindles on, but I was trying to keep the budget down...

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