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This is the 440 from a truck that is installed in the Dakota. It already had a truck oil pan on it, so the pan and pick up were modified to fit .

The transmission and torque converter are a bit cleaner looking than the engine was. The transmission was rebuilt and modified with a B&M Transkit. I also installed a B&M deep cast aluminum pan and a B&M flexplate.

The torque conver used is a TCI Street Fighter performance torque converter.

The engine was torn down to replace the gaskets and I found the valves leaking some and the timing chain was sloppy. I wanted the engine to be reliable so a new timing chain set, new rings and bearings,brass freeze plugs, and a set of Edelbrock 84 cc heads were installed. An M-1 tunnel ram base was modified with injector bungs being welded in and a plenum fabricated to use a late model Mustang Cobra throttle body. A FAST XFI computer is controlling the injection system

...and this is what it looks like now. I was lucky enough to get the very first March single belt serpentine system that was sold by March. I'm a dealer for March products and I stop in at the factory from time to time to keep up on the lastest parts available from them.

A stock big block truck oil pan is easily modified to clear the cross member. The pick up needs to be lengthened slightly to clear the notch in the pan. Modification service is available to swap kit customers who supply us with a core pan to modify.


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